Mystical Landscapes - Megan Fitzgerald

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7 WEEK COURSE ONLINE | 2 hours of live instruction each week


In this introductory drawing and painting course, students will explore a variety of mixed media skills in pursuit of their own “mystical landscape.” Building from the late-20th century’s back-to-the-land movement when artists fled cities seeking the spiritual and transcendent qualities of nature, these landscapes will work to capture the feeling of a place rather than a realistic representation. Students will be introduced to basic skills in landscape painting including thumbnail sketching, compositional and value studies, colour charts and surface preparation, before moving on to a final landscape project that encourages experimentation, play and rule breaking.

Materials: Please see list below. $150 to $200 is the estimated cost for students who have none of these materials.

Students can source materials online at Kama Pigments, De Serres or at a local art supply store.

Panels to paint on (8x10 up to 18x36)

● Brushes (filbert, flat, round, ‘rigger’, Selection of sizes between 00-12.)

● Palette (Glass, cardboard, etc)

● Palette knives (1-3, varying sizes and shapes)

● Gesso (clear or white)

● Varnish

● Acrylic Paint

○ titanium white or Flake white

○ Mars Black or Ivory Black

○ Ultramarine blue

○ Phthalo blue or Manganese or Cerulean

○ Cadmium red medium or light

○ Cadmium yellow medium or light

○ Yellow ochre

○ Burnt umber

○ option to add: burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, ultramarine violet, viridian, sap green,

hansa yellow light, cadmium orange

● Drawing tools

○ charcoal

○ pencil

○ pens

○ eraser

● Sketchbook (or any recycled paper)

The Instructor:

Megan Fitzgerald (she/her) is an artist originally from Tiohtià:ke (Montreal) and currently based in K'jipuktuk (Halifax). She works within a place-responsive practice to address themes of wonder and resonance; responding to notions of the unseen landscape. Megan received a BFA from OCAD University in 2016 during which time she studied Art History in Florence, Italy. Since then she has traveled extensively by foot, partaking in residencies in Spain and the United

Kingdom, NGO projects in Vietnam and held positions as an art educator at various institutions in Europe and Canada. Megan is currently pursuing an MFA at NSCAD University and is researching natural pigments and painting as an expanded practice.

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