Embellish Paintings with Textiles- Michelle Marin

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4 WEEK COURSE ONLINE | 2 hours of live instruction each week

4 week course starting February 17th to March 10th 2022

In this beginner mixed media course, explore using traditional painting and embroidery techniques in a contemporary manner. Explore the possibilities of mark making by learning how to paint and draw with acrylics, watercolours, colour pencils and yarn on alternative surfaces. Learn the basics to weaving and embroidery and discover the possibilities that these traditional painting and craft techniques have to offer. This course is designed for students interested in exploring drawing, painting and/or textiles.

Materials: These suggested supplies can be found in your home or online Aboveground Art Supply Store or Deserres:

Canvas. Suggested: Above Ground Studioworks Stretched Canvas 3/4" Deep- 11"x14 x 2 - $5.39

Ampersand Artist Panel - Primed Smooth – 1/8 in. Deep – 8 x 8 in. - $5.39

Paint Palette. Suggested: Above Ground Studioworks Paper Palette – 9 x 12 in. - $6.49 or Heavy Duty Plastic Palette - $1.29

Watercolor paint set. Suggested: Prang Oval Watercolor Set of 8 - $5.29

Brushes. Suggested: Acrylic brushes (medium and fine) x 2 - Estimated $2 - 3 each and Watercolour brushes x 3 (large, medium and fine) - Estimated $2 - 3 each

Watercolour pad. Suggested: Canson XL Watercolour Pad - 300 g, 30 sheets - 9 x 12 in $9.99

Pencil Crayons. Suggested: Prang Coloured Pencils Set of 8 - $1.89

2 balls of yarn. Suggested: Bergère de France Goomy 50 Yarn - $4.24 and Bergere De France Sport + Wool - $3.99 - $7.99

Embroidery Floss - $0.89

Embroidery Needle - $2.99

Unique Embroidery hoop - $3.99

Yarn Needle - $2.99

Scissors - $2- 3

Graph Paper. Suggested: Quad Grid Scratch Pad 8.5x11 $2.39

Denim Fabric - Free (ideally sourced for free from home or a friend)

Cotton fabric - Free (from home or ask a friend)

Knitted fabric - Free (from home or ask a friend)

Paper towel - From your kitchen

Salt - From your kitchen

Plastic cling wrap - From your kitchen

Total: $64.72

The Instructor:

Michelle is originally from San Jose, Costa Rica and currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design University and has taught art and craft classes and workshops in colleges, primary schools, not for profit organizations and long-term care homes including the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design, Seneca College, Voice Integrative School and The Rekai Centres. Michelle has exhibited internationally and in Canada and was recently awarded a Explore And Create Professional Development Grant through Canada Council for the Arts and a Visual Artists Creation Projects Grant through the Ontario Arts Council.

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