Ceramic and Print - Marianne Chenard

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5 WEEK COURSE ONLINE | 2 hours of live instruction each week

Printmaking on Ceramics Intermediate - Marianne Chenard

In this course participants will explore several methods of image transfer techniques for application on ceramics. Embellish your creations by exploring techniques like; relief printing, slip transfers printing, monotype, engraving, and more. We will be discussing a broad range ceramic printmaking approaches through the lens of historical and contemporary contexts. Participants will experiment with the application of these techniques through the creation of a series of small projects. This dynamic class will be a blend of working in groups with classmates, watching live demonstrations and working on your own time. Join participants from across Canada, enhance your skill and find your creative community.

Materials: *This class is an intermediate course, prior knowledge of working with ceramics is a must, as well as access to a ceramics studio. Participants are required to source their own materials for the class. - clay ( white stoneware or earthenware or porcelain, whatever the student like to work with) - colors ceramic pigment (brand Mason or spectrum or other) - engobe or slip or underglaze 2 colors or more - office paper - newsprint or recycle newspaper - pencil, scissor, rulers, brushes - a rasp or kitchen grader - a surface to mix ink (either an old picture frame, a piece of glass from the hardware store or plexiglas) - a piece of speedball linoleum, carving knife - a sponge - one container for water and one container to mix ink (yogurt container or mason jar will be fine)

This should cost no more than $30 per student.

The Instructor: Marianne's art practice articulates itself around a site-specific approach to installation art that attempts to illustrate the human perceptual relationship with nature while exhibiting attentiveness to natural environment agency. It questions a notion of responsibility or entanglement, permanence or ephemerality, perception or realism, and is sensitive to the issues of climate change and the pursuit of global environmental sustainability. Her artwork is materialized through performance, video, earth art, ceramics, sounds, and installations.

Originally from Rimouski Québec, Canada, Marianne's work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Québec, Canada, and France. She has taken part in several artist residencies, and frequently offers specialized training in image transfer techniques on clay. She holds a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada and will have completed her MFA at Alfred University New York, USA in 2021.


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