Handmade Animation 101 - Jenna Marks

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5 WEEK COURSE ONLINE | 2 hours of live instruction each week

This 5-week course will focus on creating animations by hand using items you have around the house. Through readings, discussions, and demonstrations we will apply handmade animation techniques with a focus on practical skills, and documentation. No need to rely on specific software to bring your creations to life! These under-camera approaches to animation are not only useful for creating a unique style but will allow you to learn the basic skills required for any commercial animation job. To see some pop culture examples of handmade animation google: Pes Animation, Salmon Sajan Studios, Tim Horton's Coffee Art, for examples.

Materials: Participants are required to source their own materials for the class. The only requirement is to have a smartphone or device in order to capture your animation. However, a DSLR with top-down shooting capability is also acceptable, or animated digitally on a computer if you have access to a tablet but this is not required.

Students may want to purchase a Student Adobe Suite Account, to access editing, sound and animation software. Participants might need to purchase basic art/ office supplies, extension cords, hard drives or memory sticks. The estimated average cost of additional materials for this course is $40.

The Instructor: In a region that is no more than an hour from the ocean in any direction, it is no surprise that Jenna Marks' animated films are heavily influenced by her deep-rooted connection to water and nature. She is best known for crafting poetic worlds, where her audiences can immerse themselves in her hand-made style. Her home's rural seclusion, yet diverse social economy, gives her a vulnerable, honest and unique voice in the international cinema landscape of today.

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