FULL Introduction to Raku Firing - Chris Doiron

New Brunswick College of Craft and Design
457 Queen Street
E3B 1B7
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Introduction to Raku Firing ra·ku ˈräˌko͞o/ 1: A process by which pottery is fired at a relatively low temperature and then moved while hot to a closed container with combustible materials that ignite and cause a reaction creating colors and patterns in the pottery's surface 2: A Japanese word meaning enjoyment In this one-day workshop, students will experiment with glazing techniques and fire pre-made vessels. We will learn how combustible materials contribute to the unique qualities of these one-of-a-kind treasures. Each student will take home 3-4 finished pieces - a collaboration between instructor and participants.

MATERIAL COST: $20.00 to be paid to the instructor on the day of the workshop. Instructor will have ceramic forms ready for firing on the day of the course.

The Instructor: Chris Doiron holds a Diploma in Fine Craft: Ceramics, from the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design and is building his career as a ceramic artist, working in both stoneware and raku temperatures. Moving to rural New Brunswick ignited his deep-rooted appreciation of nature’s colors and textures, fueling his fervor for wood-firing, with its unique qualities and unpredictable results. Chris was awarded a creation grant from the New Brunswick Arts Board, to pursue his research in working with local river clays. He is an Instructor for the City of Fredericton’s edVentures program, and has recently begun offering pottery workshops at his home studio in Miramichi.

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