Intro to Digital Vector Illustration - Kirsten Stackhouse

New Brunswick College of Craft and Design
457 Queen Street
E3B 1B7
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No previous drawing experience required! Everyone can learn to illustrate using vectors. Participants will learn the basics of Illustrator, how to create smooth lines and shapes with the Pen Tool, choose complementary colour palates to design beautiful unique illustrations. Projects throughout the week include how to make stylized portraits, leafy botanicals, colourful landscapes, animals, icons, and more. Participants will develop with a variety of illustrations, ready to be shared online or in print, and the skillset to continue illustrating at home!

Materials: There is no additional fee to participate in this course. Please bring a sketchbook and a USB stick.

The Instructor: Kirsten Stackhouse is a graphic designer, illustrator, and educator based in Fredericton, NB. Kirsten worked as a freelance illustrator for over a decade, self-published a book, and worked as a graphic designer on several high-profile projects in the province at a multi-disciplinary creative agency, before shifting to launch her own freelance design and illustration business. She is a passionate instructor at the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design, who loves teaching and spreading excitement for design and illustration to people with all levels of experience.

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